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Posted by Food and Drink Towers, Thursday 15th of May 2014 09:46:00 AM. Territory: UK, Italy
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Winterwell: The quintessentially English garden party with a twist 

By Georgia Horne

On June 14th 2014, the Winterwell festival will once again entice, entertain and immerse festival goers in a wondrous world of music, games and culinary delights. During the day, guests will experience an extraordinary tour of this spectacular venue in the esteemed company of Sir William Cornwallis Harris. To aid this invigorating expedition, festival partners Shuttlecock Inc. are producing exquisite hampers for four including,

-Sourdough bread

-Potted smoked mackerel, house pickles

-Cold cut rare beef, rocket, pickled walnut, horseradish crème fraiche

-Creelers smoked salmon

-Creelers smoked duck

-Radish, pea, truffle oil and pecorino salad (V)


Having enjoyed country pursuits including a cricket match, croquet tournament and live music, our intrepid party will then be privy to the immersive fine dining experience like no other, provided by the Savage Club- a bohemian Gentlemen’s club. Attendees are certain to have an immeasurably decadent and exhilarating experience.

For more information please visit:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/WinterwellFest



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