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Posted by Food and Drink Towers, Monday 7th of October 2013 10:51:00 AM. Territory: Global
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food&drink towers will celebrate its seventh birthday this Wednesday...


Seven facts about food&drink towers:


1. Over the past seven years we've had more than 5000 people sign up to join the free food&drink communications hub bringing together journalists, foodies, producers, chefs, retailers and PRs.


2. We've published more than 6,000 press releases over the past seven years...for free!


3. 121 features have been contributed by freelancers and new writers looking for a stepping-stone into the world of food journalism (as well as by the editor, Helen Lewis).


4. More than 1,300 news stories have been written and published sharing food&drink news from around the world for FREE, often ahead of the rest of the UK food&drink trade media.


5. The average time spent at food&drink towers by each visitor is almost three minutes across four different page views.


6. The top three countries visiting food&drink towers are the UK, US and Australia.


7. The most popular page, after the homepage, press release upload page, landing pages for news, features and press releases is a restaurant review, written by Helen Lewis, for a local restaurant: www.foodanddrinktowers.com/features/cellini-s-provides-a-fresh-take-on-italian-fare-for-kentish-food/index.php



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