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Posted by Food and Drink Towers, Friday 9th of October 2015 12:46:00 PM. Territory: Global
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food&drink towers celebrates turning nine by launching a new foodie blog!

food&drink towers is getting old… It first opened its doors in 2006. On October 9th, TODAY, the online foodie hub reaches the grand old age of nine years old (not too shabby for an online business!) and to celebrate this landmark occasion, we’ll be launching a new blog to complement the work that food&drink towers performs tirelessly on a daily basis.

Created by Helen Lewis, back then a freelance food journalist seeking inspiration for more exciting stories and a wider contacts list, the website aimed to provide a hub for foodies, food&drink producers, retailers, suppliers, manufacturers – anyone involved in the business. Rather than punishing/excluding companies for not having a PR budget, Helen wanted to encourage smaller, start-up, grass-roots food&drink brands to shout about what they were doing. The media wanted to know – they just needed some help getting together! As the recession hit, the need for effective, reliable, insightful PR support meant the site grew quickly. Today there are almost 6000 members and the website receives thousands of hits each week.

The site has never had any external investors – it was started by Helen Lewis’ savings pot of £750 and has grown through sheer hard graft. It still costs just £18 for a press release to be published and distributed to the database. It is still free for people to join. It is still free for people to upload their latest news. Helen still runs the site and it has become a labour of love.

food&drink towers is seeking investors to give the site a revamp and improve the services – to discuss further please get in touch.

This blog - www.foodanddrinktowers.wordpress.com - launches today on food&drink towers’ 9th birthday. We’re going to be writing reviews (products, cafes, restaurants, hotels etc) as well as providing opinion pieces and editorial, interviews and much more.

If you’d like to contribute please get in touch. 

We’re also planning to run a series of competitions on the blog, website and social media sites during the big birthday month – if you have product you’d like to publicise you could contact Helen, suggest how much you could provide, we’ll in turn promote your brand/product throughout the week and in return one person could win the goodies you provide.

Social media connections: Twitterand Facebook

Thank you for all your support and here’s to another nine years :-)

Helen Lewis



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