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Posted by Food and Drink Towers, Wednesday 20th of June 2012 11:04:00 AM. Territory: UK
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Dairylea unveils new all natural ingredients recipe

British spreadable cheese brand Dairylea has announced its new recipe made from all natural ingredients.

Dairylea has been a favourite on family shopping lists for over 60 years and this development marks the latest step in the brand’s two-year journey to provide the best possible taste and nutritional credentials for families across the UK. The recipe change comes as a result of consumer research which showed that 70% of mums believe that all natural ingredients are important to them.

The team at Dairylea took two years to find the right balance of natural ingredients and the best way to blend them all together, to make sure that the much-loved cheese tastes the same and spreads just the way it always has. The new recipe consists simply of milk, cheese and butter with concentrated lemon juice (from fresh lemons of course) and sodium carbonate (commonly known as baking powder) to hold all of the ingredients together to make a spreadable, creamy cheese.

Dairylea first launched its cheese spreads in the 1950s and still plays an important part in the diets of children today as a good, every-day, natural source of calcium. A 25g serving of Dairylea spread provides less saturated fat and salt than a 25g portion of hard cheese.

 The new recipe will launch first in portions and tubs from June and the packs also have a fresh new look to reflect the all natural ingredients.

To celebrate the launch of all natural Dairylea, consumers will be able to try the product for free. They purchase a pack in-store then visit www.dairylea.co.uk or www.facebook.com/dairylea and download a simple form to get their money back.

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