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Posted by Food and Drink Towers, Tuesday 22nd of January 2013 12:18:00 PM.
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food&drink towers supports Kentish food&drink businesses

food&drink towers has supported UK food&drink producers, retailers, wholesalers, suppliers since 2006. Founder and MD Helen Lewis specialises in providing PR, marketing and branding support to smaller companies, alongside her experience of working with global multinationals. Helen Lewis is a freelance food, drink and packaging journalist, founder and managing editor at www.foodanddrinktowers.com, and PR specialist with experience of working with Kent-based companies including AOk Drinks and Frankie’s Farm Shop. In 2013, food&drink towers wants to support a greater number of local food&drink companies and help to promote the myriad, high-quality, delicious local products in Kent.

We’ve created a Kent-only starter PR package, especially for Kent-based food&drink companies, for a much-reduced all-inclusive fee of just £500:

  1. Face-to-face introductory meeting with Helen Lewis (if requested by the client) anywhere in Kent. This can also be done via email/telephone.
  2. Creation of a one-page press release (including one set of amendments by author), which is then targeted (i.e. amended with different media angles/topics) to suit the different media groups (regional, national newspapers, online food blogs, consumer magazines etc).
  3. Creation of a syndicated interview for re-production.
  4. Distribution of the press release to a targeted database of more than 1,500 journalists who have voluntarily registered at food&drink towers to receive food&drink news.
  5. Further distribution to additional contacts covering a further 1,000+ relevant media contacts.
  6. Targeted, individual follow up with a hot list of 50 journalists via social networks, email, telephone and face-to-face.
  7. Follow-up work promoting the book and liaison via email, telephone and social media (a minimum of 4 hours during the 6-8 weeks following PR distribution).
  8. A media log containing all details of communications with the media to be sent at least every fortnight (you can then follow up on any leads in your own time should you wish to).
  9. Inclusion in at least one of the food&drink towers monthly updates that is sent to more than 1,500 journalists (and usually very well received!).
  10. Bespoke advice on building your media presence in the future including a strategy document.


For more details please contact Helen at helen@foodanddrinktowers.co.uk or call +44 (0) 7904801669.


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