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Posted by Food and Drink Towers, Wednesday 10th of July 2013 09:52:00 PM.
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Bee decline: Government to introduce "national pollinator strategy" 

Re-produced courtesy of Friends of the Earth, all quotes from FoE (www.foe.co.uk)

The Government will urgently review the decline of bees - leading to a "national pollinator strategy".

Environment Minister Lord de Mauley made the announcement at a Friends of the Earth Bee Summit on Friday 28 June. 

It follows an intense campaign by the environment charity for a Bee Action Plan - backed by big business, over 200 MPs and massive public outcry. This morning shadow bees minister Huw Irranca-Davies gave Labour's solid support for a bee action plan. 

We need a plan - and fast

Wild honey bees are nearly extinct. Some species of bumblebee have been lost altogether.

Friends of the Earth's Bee Summit is bringing together the likes of MPs, scientists and farmers to agree how to reverse the serious decline in Britain's bees.

Executive director Andy Atkins welcomed Lord de Mauley's announcement. But the environment charity wants specific commitment from the Government - in particular:

  • An action timetable commencing spring 2014 when bees wake up from hibernation.
  • Measurable targets for reversing the loss of bees and other pollinators.
  • The plan must involve other Government Departments, not just DEFRA

We're delighted that enormous pressure for a Bee Action Plan from scientists, businesses and the public has stung the Government into action.

The Minister's plan of action must be in place when bees emerge from hibernation next spring - we can't afford to gamble any longer with our food, countryside and economy.

Friends of the Earth Executive Director Andy Atkins

Swarms of support - but we can't rest up

In just one week over 20,000 of you backed our Bee Cause action asking Lord de Mauley for a strong Bee Action Plan. It was a fantastic effort.

But public concern is understandable. The University of Reading recently revealed that a third of all honeybee colonies in England died over the winter.

Please help us keep up the pressure on the Government.

Tell David Cameron you want a strong Bee Action Plan in place for next Spring.

Thank you.


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